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Relationship Strategies - Couples

Need to make some important decisions together? Let's connect...

  • $155 / hour
  • By appointment only


A Relationship Strategy Session is typically booked in situations where you need to make a decision about something that will affect your relationship and inevitably your future... together. Are there big changes (planned or unplanned) affecting your relationship? Need to get on the same page for some important decisions? Trying something new and not sure how to proceed in a way that preserves your relationship? Getting Married and want to take the stress out of it? Seeking strategies for staying connected when you or your partner have to spend time away (rotations, shift work, travel)? Getting Separated or Divorced and want to honor your relationship in transition with compassion? These are all situations that have come up often enough for me to include them as examples in my strategy sessions. I'm sure you could think of more. If you are facing a difficult situation or decision that will affect your relationship and your future, let's connect. I'd love to meet you.

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