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Personal Leadership for Men

Because sometimes men see things differently.

  • $110 / hour
  • By appointment only


Personal Leadership for Men includes Career Mastery, Private Relationship Classes, and whatever else is coming up as a block to THRIVE. These sessions are designed to be relevant to men...because sometimes men see things differently. Hi there. You might ask, what qualifies a woman to coach men? Well, after spending a decade intentionally learning from men (straight from the horse's mouth), I discovered some things. I not only learned about men's issues from a male perspective, I discovered there are some things other men cannot teach you (specifically about women). Today, I teach men how to help bridge that gap between the genders... and continue life-long learning along the way. It truly is an important part of relationship mastery and social intelligence. Are you ready to create that bridge and start loving your relationship again? I look forward to working with you.

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