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Understanding the Wisdom of Our Dreams


$55 / Person


Coming In Fall, 2024 Tuesday evening 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. MST

About the Group

Have you ever wondered what that dream meant... the one that pulled you in so deep you couldn't shake it?

Join me for an evening of discovery...

... where you will learn how to interpret your dreams (or dream fragments) in personally meaningful ways and apply that wisdom to your everyday life. Understanding your dreams will allow you to gain awareness, abundance, connection, peace - and anything else you feel is an important part of the life you are in the throes or pleasure of creating.

This is NOT a one size fits all course on dream symbols. Dream interpretation is as individual as a fingerprint.

If you've always wanted to know... I look forward to meeting you!

Class date: Tuesday evening TBD 7 - 9:30 p.m. MST

Pre-Registration is now open!
A ZOOM link will be sent out to those who are registered the day before the class. See you there!

Your Instructor

Leia Gamache

Leia is a Certified Personal Coach and Spiritual Teacher with more than 18 years experience mentoring in the areas of Relationship, Career, Wellness, and Personal Empowerment.
Leia has been practicing dream interpretation for more than 20 years. Dreams connect us to our innate inner wisdom, a higher power, and a path forward into the life we desire.

Leia Gamache
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