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The 'Write' Words - Letter crafting

When it matters... what do you wish you could say?

  • *$55 per document
  • By appointment only *some restrictions apply


There truly is nothing like a well crafted letter from the heart to make a deep and lasting impression. Some letters are kept for a lifetime. Some have the power to heal the biggest emotional mess. Hi there, I have been doing sensitivity reading for personal relationships for many years. Hey, that's a thing! Why? The right words are important... 1. They can make or break your most valued relationships. 2. First impressions are powerful, and even harder to repair if they were less than what you had hoped for. What is sensitivity reading? In editing circles, it basically cares for the sensitivities of people represented in a body of work. In personal relationships, it offers an eye on the triggers we are sometimes blind to... A little polish and a few suggestions not only makes you a better communicator, it offers the best possibility of a successful outcome. How does it work? 1. Write from your heart. What do you wish you could say? Don't worry about choosing your words... 2. Send me your draft... and who the letter is for. Who are they to you? I will ask a few questions and polish the diamond that is you... removing emotional triggers and speaking the language of the person who will receive your truth. 3. Once the edits are complete, it is returned with comments - so you won't need me forever! You make any last changes - and we are done. The final result is 100% what you would have said ... if you had the right words. Do you have an important communication waiting to be shared? I look forward to collaborating with you.

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