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The 'Write' Words

Make an impression. What do you wish you could say?

  • *$55 per document
  • By appointment only - in person, by phone or virtual *some restrictions apply


Sometimes the right words are important... They can make or break important relationships or opportunities. There truly is nothing like a well crafted letter from the heart to make a deep and lasting impression. Some letters are kept for a lifetime. Some have the power to heal the biggest emotional mess, while others might land you that promotion you've been working for. So how do you ensure your words are received as they were intended? 1. Write from your heart. Yes - even if it is for business. What do you wish you could say? 2. Send me your draft...along with a description or photo of the intended recipient and I will polish the diamond. I edit and craft your communication to remove known emotional triggers and speak the language of the person who will be receiving it. Don't worry about choosing your words... 3. Once the edits are complete, I send it back for any last changes and we are done. *This service was added by request from clients who had something important to say. Do you have an important communication waiting to be shared? I look forward to collaborating with you.

Find me here...


2136 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z6, Canada

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