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Relationship Strategies - Individuals

Not sure what to do? A strategy session may be what you need.

  • $110 / hour
  • By appointment only


Did you know, when things seem hopeless, most people don't have any idea whether to stay or walk away? A Relationship Strategy Session is typically booked in situations where you need to make decisions that will affect your relationship and you want to care for the impact of your decisions on others and on your future. Should I stay or should I go? How can I be honest with my partner without losing them? What do I do if my sexual needs are different than those of my partner? My partner won't come to coaching with me but things need to change. What can I do to change things without them? These are all questions that have come up often enough for me to include them as examples in my strategy sessions. If you are facing a difficult situation or decision that will affect your relationship and your future, let's connect. I'd love to meet you!

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