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Living on Purpose

Intentional Career Planning - When it matters

  • $110 / hour
  • By appointment only


What are you working for? We are all influenced by different things when it comes to our career choices. My mother once told me that I should be an accountant! Okay, so I loved my mother enough to sign up for the training…and it took me all of two weeks to know that it would have been the first day to a slow death…for me. Now, I would never wish for a world without accountants, but not all careers fit all people! Sorry mom. 💛 I needed to know that what I was doing to earn a living was part of my own unique character…my personal contribution to the world. …and so I sought to discover what that might be. I learned that the question was no longer…”what will I do for work?” …but…“what will I be working for?” What was my purpose? What's yours? Go ahead, stop pushing that snooze button. I'd love to meet you!

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