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Initial Consult - individuals only

1 hour/$45...It's your life. What happens next?

  • 45 Canadian dollars
  • By appointment only


Your initial consult... is a time to share your story and take a look at what your Best Life looks like from here. So, what does it mean to Live Your Best Life? Some days it may mean beating your personal best. It may be overcoming your greatest fear or crossing something exciting off your bucket list... and, yes, it may even be a day at the beach throwing around a ball with your dog and your bestie. For some, I hear you... your Best Life may feel like finding that one ray of light that keeps you breathing for another day... and tomorrow is another opportunity to edit that very real story. Whatever living your Best Life means to you... let's get you there! Are you ready to take your next steps? I look forward to meeting you!

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