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Healing - Mind * Body * Spirit

Live Your Best Life...because every Body wants to.

  • $110/hour
  • By appointment only - contact for details


Are you tired of being tired? Is your body pushing back on things you used to love doing? Are you ready to heal? Think about the word, 'dis-ease' as the body's way of saying "something isn't quite right. It isn't 'easy' carrying you around today." Sometimes, we get a 'miracle' - like the stage 4 cancer leaving for good when the prognosis was terrible. It doesn't always happen - after all, life will keep its mysteries, including why bad things sometimes happen to good people. But I have learned, there is often a window of opportunity to stop the progression of an illness, disease, or chronic condition and sometimes reverse it, shrink it, heal it, and/or release it. If you are ready to Live Your Best Life...let's have a conversation and see what is possible. I will always take you as far as you are willing to grow.

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