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Career Strategies

Intentional Decision-Making...because it matters.

  • $110 / hour
  • By appointment only


What if you could have more energy at the end of the day than when you started? When you are in a design of life that feeds you... you will find yourself with more energy and less 'negative' stress. Don't learn this the hard way! Trust me on this one. A Career Strategy Session is typically booked when you want or need to make a career change (in or out of your current occupation) as part of creating a better design of life. Together, we will focus on turning an energy loss into an energy gain. Is your career exhausting you? Do you feel like you are stagnating... ready to offer more...or less? Why did you choose your current career? Is that reason still relevant for you today or is it costing you energy you'd rather not spend? Does your current career path allow you to live inside your values and make space for creative expression and contribution? If you were living 'on purpose'... what would change? Let's connect. I'd love to meet you.

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